The Hum

The Hum has my favourite kick drum sound on the album. Every time I press play and hear that kick drum I smile. I wonder if I’m the only one? It’s just so aggressive and satisfying. It makes me think about the difference between the way a musician or artist hears and enjoys their own music and the way it’s heard by everyone else. There tends to be a gap between the intentioned meaning of a song and the way it’s read but I wonder how specific production choices are heard and how important those choices are in the success of a record. When the production is right it can elevate a song.

When Tarek is working away on sounds I don’t really have the technical prowess to tell him what it is that I like or don’t like about a sound – how to e.q. or compress something – but I know what feels right and we agree 99% of the time. Having a shared vision for what a Spring King song should sound like is so fundamental to enjoying what we create. It must be tough for other bands who work with external producers. Having to not only find someone who understands and can share in your vision but is also someone you don’t mind spending hours in darkened rooms listening to the same 5 second guitar clip 100 times over and over on repeat.

The riff in ‘The Hum’ started as my attempt to write a Spring King version of ‘Bodysnatchers’ by Radiohead. That Radiohead riff is one of my favourite of all time. I love the way it moves in a krautrock-y way. James is especially into bands like Can too so we wanted to try and bring a little of that feeling into this record somehow. You might not get that from the track but that’s how we envisioned it initially!

The outro of the song, right after the final chorus, is possibly my favourite moment on the album. There’s this strange whirling electronic thing moving up and down. In the studio we referred to it as the robot bagpipes. It was discovered by Andy in a moment of madness. He was on his hands and knees late at night twisting and kicking his octave pedal. I remember sat watching him silently, smiling at the strange monster he was creating. I love you robot bagpipes. I hope we can hear more of you someday.